comparison of nonlinear response of gravity cantilever retaining walls and mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) wall structures

Kamalzadeh, A., & Pender, M. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 55(2), pp.129–137, May 2022

During the past few decades, gravity cantilever retaining walls (GRW) have shown a relatively reliable performance. However, mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) retention systems have grown in popularity as they are cost-effective and have demonstrated resilience through recent seismic events. In…

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modelling the dynamic response of gravity retaining wall systems using opensees

A. Kamalzadeh, M. Pender, 7th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, Italy, April 2019

Recent work using the OpenSees finite element software to model the response of gravity retaining walls to Ricker wavelets is presented. The behaviour of the wall system during earthquake loading is controlled by the capacity of the shallow foundation supporting…

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numerical investigation of gravity retaining wall foundation failure mechanisms

A. Kamalzadeh, M. Pender, 11th Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Auckland, April 2019

This research investigates the response of the gravity retaining walls subjected to monotonic and sinusoidal loadings, adopting the OpenSees finite element analysis. Recent research has shown the capacity of the shallow foundation supporting the wall controls the behaviour of the…

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