how did we optimise, earlier?

We got involved early – helping to win the contract. Geotechnical expertise was given to Link Alliance throughout the tender phase of the main works, and our involvement has continued into delivery. Andy O’Sullivan has produced more than 120 separate temporary works packages for the various station sites as well as for work on the Western Line. We have contributed geotechnical engineering services on different aspects of CRL including temporary support of excavations, temporary and permanent retaining wall design, working platform design, ground settlement prediction and design of anchored retaining walls in a congested urban environment.

Our specialist technical expertise supported drilling and blasting operations in strong, massive basalt at Mt Eden, and we designed a unique suspended platform that allowed a 120T diaphragm wall rig to install a 7m-long panel to a depth of 20m.

We helped win, we helped the constructors with methodology, and we delivered specialist Geotech expertise.

Auckland City Rail Link




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Over the past two and a half years, Andy and his team have consistently delivered innovative and efficient design solutions to a wide range of complex, geotechnically related, challenges on the Link Alliance.

Nigel McCreight – Engineering Manager, Link Alliance