how did we optimise, earlier?

We were commissioned for geotechnical design to stabilise of a section of the project which transects three separate zones with historical land instability issues.

To avoid the cost of stabilising the whole landslide, we developed a unique ‘underground pipe bridge’ to enable economic construction of the 6m deep pipeline to transect this active landslide. Our solution meant the pipe would be secure even if the landslide continued to move.

Using careful calibration of our geotechnical parameters and with state-of-the-art fully-coupled finite element analysis, we replicated a highly accurate model of the impact of rainfall on the affected slopes.  We then extended that modelling to quantify potential future displacements of the slope in the event of a dramatic increase in future rainfall based on the result of climate change.

Our optimised solution was a major win for all parties with substantial cost savings and a very significant reduction in both project risk and carbon footprint.

redhills wastewater infrastructure scheme

Slope model showing underground pipe bridge arrangement

redhills wastewater infrastructure scheme

Plan view of site showing layout of stabilisation measures

Andy and his team used cutting-edge software to design an ‘underground pipe bridge’ through a major landslide. To our knowledge, this solution has never been constructed before and saved over two years of project delays and millions of dollars.

Andy Corbett - Commercial Director, Pipeline & Civil Ltd